Friday, 30 August 2013

my media diary


Today I woke up to the annoying sound of my alarm clock, so I got ready for school and walked to the bus stop, I knew it was going to been a long, boring day. After school I got the bus home, on the bus I used my phone to call and text people. when I got home I played fifa and black ops 2 on my Xbox, afterwards I went on my laptop laptop and watched tv. then I had pizza for dinner :) after dinner I watched tv and went to bed.


On Saturday morning I had a lay in and didn't get up till 10:30am, a bit later I went to Bromley with my friends to go an see grown ups 2 in the cinema. once I got home I played on my Xbox and watched tv. Then I had dinner, after dinner I watched match of the day and spurs won :)


On Sunday morning I got up around 10 o'clock and made a bacon sandwich for breakfast, after breakfast I went on my laptop and I text my friends. Later I went out for a roast dinner with my family. when I got home I watched a film and went on my ipad.