Monday, 24 February 2014

question 1

Direct address - It uses direct address because the girl in the main image is looking at the camera so when you look at the magazine it looks like she is looking at you.
Chatty/informal or conspiratorial - This magazine is quite informal, it doesn't use any proper sentences.
Aspirational offers instructions/advice/tips - On the cover of the magazine it offers a lot of advice/tips that are mostly aimed towards girls.
Target audience - This magazine is aimed towards girls you can tell this by the background because it is bright pink and it seems very girly.
Types of content - This magazine has lots of cover lines like "263 hot looks and sexy hair secrets" and "21 mind blowing sex moves"
Use of model for main image - This model on this magazine is used as a role model to all the girls that read this magazine.

Monday, 10 February 2014

magazine cover

WWW - I used lots of colours to make the magazine stand out.
WWW - I used lots of different fonts to make it more interesting
WWW - I cut out the main image well so you cant see any of the original background.
EBI - Make the writing easier to read so that people can read it from far away.
EBI - Make the text a bit smaller so that it does cover the whole page.
EBI - Use less cover lines so it doesn't cover to much of the main image.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

colour connotations in magazines

Different colours can convey different meanings connotations to the viewer.

Sport - A sports magazine would use red for fonts because it shows "increases physical energy, stamina, stability and passion" this would appeal to sports fans because they passionate about sport. The background will also be red.
Gaming - A gaming magazine would use an orange for fonts and the background 

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