Friday, 14 March 2014

magazine analysis

This is a magazine that would be aimed at teenage girls. It uses a picture of
a young teenage girl on the front that girls reading might aspire to be like.
For cover lines it mainly has advice and advertisements like "20% off" and
"True stories"
This is a mens health magazine this would be read be read by a man who is
interested in keeping fit and healthy. He would buy this magazine because
 it has lots of tips and advice on keeping healthy and getting stronger
 some examples of this is are "muscle made easy" and "build big arms".

This is a what's on TV magazine this would be bought by a lot of different
people, a lot of people are interested in TV so this magazine would probably
get a lot sales because people want to know what is happening in their
favourite TV shows. The magazine mainly uses stories from TV shows
to grab peoples attention.


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